First, let me tell you what this isn’t. This isn’t a book of answers. When you pick this up and move past the cover, there won’t be a lot of words to greet you or pictures to illustrate. There won’t be any “how-to” steps, or “if you follow this formula” phrases. This book was never written with the intent to just give out answers. That’s pointless and practically impossible.

Now, let me tell you what this book is.

This is a guide to personal discovery. The concepts, principles, and examples put forth here are designed to encourage questions and application. They are meant to push the reader to find their own position on things, to face the complicated and often uncomfortable situations related to their classrooms and themselves, and then to show them that they possess the innate ability to discover their own personal answers.

The challenge of learning must be kept alive in today’s world. There is no exact science to teaching, but there are ideas, environments, personalities, and individuals. These define a classroom, not the curriculum. A desiring teaching need only begin, accept, adapt, and apply, remembering the most important lesson of all: that what we do isn’t about us.

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