Necessary Laughter

Participating in this podcast was fascinating and wonderful. Opportunities to dive further into something that I love never cease to amaze me, and I loved engaging and interacting with Liz Christensen for this episode. “In the Telling” is a delight and a blessing to have access to.

Give it a listen.

My Bride

My sweet wife was and continues to be, the greatest surprise of my life. She was the one I never saw coming, and she’s the one who keeps me on my toes and excited for the next day. We both began our relationship not really anticipating much from it, but by the time I proposed it surprised us both just how deep our love had taken root. This wonderful woman, my beautiful bride, has wholly absorbed my heart and my attention. And with the brief background I’m about to share, I hope you’ll get a grasp as to how vital and all-encompassing that is for me.

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