You have a business. That business focuses on core values determinant on your ideas, passions, products, morals, perspectives, investors, employees, and of course, your financial security. While these values have the power and influence to define the heart, soul, impact, and overall footprint your company, they aren’t always what a consumer or a client sees. And sometimes, they aren’t even the first things your employees bring to mind when your company is mentioned.

So much gets lost in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a growing, booming, fledgling, or ancient business. Base level employees are struggling to find a fit in their fresh beginnings. Managers and mid-level employees sit on the threshold of knowing more than those they lead but not quite enough to understand or feel confident in helping to better the whole environment. Then the officers and senior-level management struggle with balancing their requirements regarding overall company operations and making time to show their employees and clients just how important, valued and appreciated they are.

Caught in a Catch-22.

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Ironically, in my experience, I’ve discovered that most of the discrepancies, offenses, lack of abilities or skills, failures, or any other myriad of unsightly situational results stem from one source: lack of efficient communication. And the definition of miscommunication is often attributed to one person misappropriating the “truth that they are being misunderstood because the other person doesn’t understand their communications.”

This is where my services come into play.

The inability to communicate isn’t just what our words and body language tell us. Most of it stems from misconceptions. We can learn to recognize what another person is understanding, and then reevaluate if we want/need to continue using our words and actions to continue on as we are or change as needed. It isn’t just being heard but rather associative. There are those with lots to say that haven’t ever been provided the tools to do it, and there are those with an overabundance of tools that abuse them for their own means. Communication then becomes starkly contrasted from mere words to a collaboration. Keep in mind, though, that the term “collaboration” doesn’t purely denote something positive.

I love ideas, people, stories, perspectives, and what it takes to bring those together on some sort of symbiotic level and expose our misconceptions. I am continually acquiring and working hard to master skills related to the concept of communication; how we receive it, how we give it, how we perceive it, and then putting all of those into the more complex arrangement of when another person is involved.

Using improv comedy skills and techniques I’ve used for over ten years in performances and other workshop settings, I will be able to showcase to your employees the profound simplicity that is communication, and help them to see where they reside personally within this ability, and then push it further to how they can engage with another.

Improv has the uncanny capacity to showcase not only wit, creativity, and comedy, but perspective, trust, confidence, teamwork, listening, expression, and emotion. And should the opportunity arise to break these down further, then we enter the worlds of knowing when it’s your turn to act or speak, knowing when it’s another’s turn to act or speak and give them the floor, discovering where our mindsets are residing in the given moment, and so much more.

My services and the content of my workshops are incredibly flexible, always tailored to the desires you express. I will ask you questions to get a feel for what your strengths and weakness are, how you currently view those employees I will work with, and what goals or ideas you wish to discover through my workshops. And after the workshop is done, I’m more than happy to provide feedback to you on what I saw and noticed while working with you and your team.

Enhanced communication and performance is not a matter of numbers, results, complexities, or figures. It’s about people. I make people my business to help your business have more capable people. Communication is simple. It truly is.

Please allow me the opportunity to show you.