Today’s Teachings

You just heard a hard word.

You’ve received some bad news, or been privy to the negative expression of an onlooker or someone close to you.

You participated in an event, or facilitated a show, or ran point on a project, and when it ran its course, the end brought to you harsh critiques, less than savory feelings, and a whole heap of negativity for you to sit and stew with.


Could I Stand Alone?

Malibu Beach, CA

I was participating in one of my church meetings Sunday morning when a gentleman stood up and spoke about a personal question: Could I stand on my own if I needed to?

Whether in or out of a religious context, this question fascinates me. I love mysteries. I love finding new things out about myself. I love bringing to the surface new strengths and weaknesses and then exploring them to find and develop my opinions on them. I love seeing how they impact my life, both actively and passively, and then how I choose to incorporate them, either consciously or subconsciously.

The Nature of People

Current events have had me in a flux.
“Is he right?”
“Is she right?”
“Does it matter?”
I strongly consider myself non-political. Not because I don’t care about topics, or because I don’t have opinions or beliefs to share, but solely because having compassion, understanding, knowledge, experience, something to say, or any other plethora of addendum, isn’t enough anymore.