My Bride

My sweet wife was and continues to be, the greatest surprise of my life. She was the one I never saw coming, and she’s the one who keeps me on my toes and excited for the next day. We both began our relationship not really anticipating much from it, but by the time I proposed it surprised us both just how deep our love had taken root. This wonderful woman, my beautiful bride, has wholly absorbed my heart and my attention. And with the brief background I’m about to share, I hope you’ll get a grasp as to how vital and all-encompassing that is for me.


Could I Stand Alone?

Malibu Beach, CA

I was participating in one of my church meetings Sunday morning when a gentleman stood up and spoke about a personal question: Could I stand on my own if I needed to?

Whether in or out of a religious context, this question fascinates me. I love mysteries. I love finding new things out about myself. I love bringing to the surface new strengths and weaknesses and then exploring them to find and develop my opinions on them. I love seeing how they impact my life, both actively and passively, and then how I choose to incorporate them, either consciously or subconsciously.

With Our Powers Combined

I used to make movies. Ten years working on local Utah sets, many of them my own, in capacities ranging from actor to working behind the camera in producer or assistant director roles. I won awards in college, fell in love with the creation and seeing a project through to the end, and I developed some meaningful relationships. But, there came a day when I needed to hang up the hat and move on.

The Nature of People

Current events have had me in a flux.
“Is he right?”
“Is she right?”
“Does it matter?”
I strongly consider myself non-political. Not because I don’t care about topics, or because I don’t have opinions or beliefs to share, but solely because having compassion, understanding, knowledge, experience, something to say, or any other plethora of addendum, isn’t enough anymore.