At the Mercy of Wings

As per the norm, any names reflecting real-life persons were changed.

May 17, 2020

“I’m in a barren, ash-ridden landscape. Everything is colored in powerful blacks, blood-reds, mixed grays…very much apocalyptic. I am on a stone bridge that spans a gorge full of dead trees and a river bed with no water. I’m not alone, though people are running around everywhere. There’s a ruined city off in the distance, and we’re surrounded by dense forests.

“A large black dragon is attacking us, flying over our heads and breathing fire, roaring, and terrorizing. I’m part of a group trying to fight it off. My friend Albert is in this group. We have something similar to a bow and arrow setup, but the arrows are incredibly long, very skinny, black, and the bow isn’t of a make I recognize at all (as in, if I were seeing this with my waking eyes in the real world, I wouldn’t identify it as a bow).

“The dragon swoops down and we duck our heads to stay low as it passes. I run to an end of the stone bridge, attempting to nock an arrow (I have to hold the bow low in order to nock) but the string is broken or unusable. My weapon isn’t working.

“I lift my eyes to the sky in worry, but I see the black dragon in a fight with another dragon. These two enormous beasts engage in aerial combat, all of their attentions diverted from us. I never saw the second dragon well enough to describe it. In a cinematic fashion they fly into each other, latching onto the other with claws and teeth as they crash to to the ground about a hundred yards away in the gorge. As this happens, I see Albert and one other man get really excited, raise their arms with a battle cry, and disappear in a rush into the undergrowth toward the downed dragons. I don’t follow, though I’m not sure what holds me back.

“I’m on the other side of the bridge, now, and I’m moving toward the two dragons, but some things are different. I’m moving too fast, I’m higher up, and I’m gliding. I realize that I am now a dragon and I’m launching myself at the other two to take them down.”

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