A Battle of Honor

A dream I had on June 15, 2014

June 15, 2014

“It’s dark and I’m running around a deserted town of small buildings with flat roofs. However, I’m running from a group of dangerous people. I don’t want to fight or be in a conflict with them, but it’s getting more and more difficult to avoid them.

“I also find myself running from to cats [who resemble humans]. They’re two females who walk upright [and are the same size as a woman]. They are both old, with one older and using a cane to walk. They are also frightening and very intense. I know that if I am ‘caught’ by them, something bad will happen. So as soon as I see them I book it out of there.

“Running around I know I will be found sooner or later. As I round the corner of a house I can hear and see three shadows of the guys (enemies) and I figure I might as well jump them. So I do. I come hurtling around the corner taking them by surprise, throwing them all to the ground. I realize that I am now on a main street and it is filled with the people I’m trying to avoid. I can’t escape now so I fight on.

“Most are armed with small blades, so I pick up two where and when I can. One of the bad guys manages to stick me right in the sternum. Because the blade isn’t long I am only nicked. Eventually I fight my way up to the ‘big-wigs’ (whom I never saw) and come face to face with a dangerous and experienced fighter. It is a young woman, who at first glance doesn’t look dangerous at all, but my instincts tell me otherwise. So the other bad guys make a clearing and she raises her blades. She is also naked (why, I don’t know).

“As I raise my blades I realize she will win with those, so I look at her, lay mine on the ground, and to my astonishment she respectfully does the same. The we attack. She is very good, and backs me up into a corner, managing to pin my arms, but by doing so I keep her pinned as well. She looks at me and catches me off guard with an odd comment, “Why can’t you be a creep!” (She says this with her breasts heaving in my face.) I realize then that she expects me to be lowly and weak-minded, and to try and take advantage of her. When she realizes that I am none of those things she further surprises me by leaning in and kissing me very hard and very passionately. I am further surprised when I kiss her back.

“At this time, my ‘sidekick’ or ‘friend’ that I have no knowledge of drives up, and me and this girl get in the car. He has more mystery to him than I know, cause he is taking us somewhere safe. While driving we come to a bridge that is under construction and it looks oddly like a rollercoaster. We start driving off the narrow road and I am freaking out, but we drive under the bridge and somehow the car stays attached to the bottom and drives off in a different direction.

“We drive under and around, and up and down, and switching sides on this rollercoaster road until we land and drive onto a normal street.

“That’s all I can remember.”

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