Signs, Patterns, and Omens

All in all, many parts of life bring connections and patterns for me, but none more than dreams, feeling a particular inclination toward someone or something, or making direct choices and then seeing what happens.

When I’m stagnant or complacent, the omens diminish. This seems like a reasonable thing to me now, and one I understand.

Another “conclusion” I’ve seen is that omens are happening all the time, and they’re not necessarily contingent on us instigating them. However, without our inclusion in their equation, they may never get the chance to reveal themselves. It’s the idea that life will go on with or without us, but as long as we’re living it, we’re automatically included in at least some basic scenarios.

Also, just because I’m looking for them, or I become more aware of their presence, doesn’t make them happen more or less frequently. The trick, I’ve discovered, is more akin to behaving as if they won’t show up because they love the surprise and a mysterious entrance.

Truth be told, I kind of enjoy that myself. This helps me feel like I’m more in charge of my life (which I am, and this is something God is teaching me by less than pleasant means) and how interested God and the universe are in me. It’s a delicate symbiosis, I suppose one could say.

Regardless, omens, patterns, and connections are prone to enrich and empower our lives if we’re willing to pay attention to them. 

For the sake of a devil’s advocate stance—which I love exploring—I’ve known many people who have no concept or experience with omens. Many, actually, consider them to be anathema and ridiculous. I love these perspectives.

I have no desire to convert anyone or work super hard to prove my theories or perceptions. Merely to voice them and experience a conversation is good enough for me. I can see stuff like omens clearly in my life, and who am I to demand the same from someone else? That makes no sense, and it’s no fun.

Instead, I find that allowing for a difference of opinion to genuinely exist gives me the chance to discover more where I stand, if I’m full of hot air, or if I have seen what I’ve seen. Other people are responsible for themselves, but they help keep me honest and humble (I hope I offer the same for them).

So yes, I am proud to say that I believe in omens, patterns, and connections. I don’t believe in coincidence. I’m a little skeptical about karma, though not opposed to it. And I don’t prescribe to fate as the idea that we have no control or dictation of our lives. On the contrary, I require fate to be my design for my life, and as fate becomes accustomed to how I live, it morphs and spins moments—both positive and negative—into my web.

I am the author of my life, but I’m always happy—and indeed need—to receive help from God, those around me, this beautiful world, and the universe itself.

Onward and upward. Here’s to the next connection.

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