It’s not enough.

Why? Why isn’t it enough?

There are results to it all. No immunity inherent in life.

So why is it not enough?

Good and right are measureable when desired. Bad and wrong are easy to identify when known. The natural man fights with itself. Always… always at war.

The all-consuming war we work hard to ignore.

Who makes promises worth keeping? What do they mean to me?

As long as it isn’t enough, I can’t say either way.

Faith, Hope, and Charity are essential; of that I have no doubt. But what it takes to engage them to an effect…oh, to have that puzzle piece rest and be still.

Certain aspects fall in line with little decree. Omens of life’s pages finally turned and read.

What will it take for it to be enough?

I know it takes me. At least, it needs me to start. After that I beg the question.

Why is it not enough?

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