Wood, Brass, and a Dark Skyline

The dream was recorded on June 02, 2015

“I was walking outside headed south toward Daybreak. As I reached the spot to turn right (West) I saw a building under construction. The site it was on had been dug and leveled into a hill rather than on the hill.

“The building itself was a church meetinghouse, and it was massive albeit only one level, with a spire. It was only completed up to the framework, which was all wood. A very healthy wood, at that.

“As a general note, throughout the dream I was aware of the weather. It seemed dark outside, like an evening on an overcast day, but I had no sense of fear or worry. I also recall muted colors along the lines of red and orange in the sky.

“I saw the church while walking by at a short distance. As I continued walking by, right next to it on a plot of land similar to the church’s, was the construction of a large nativity, made from the same type of wood.

“Both the church and nativity were on the south side as I walked west. After I passed them I turned to face west and beheld Daybreak, and I was in awe. There were medium-sized skyscrapers and buildings prominent against the sky, seemingly dyed in black. But right in front of me was what really held my attention.

“It was a huge, open square, with wooden beams that appeared black and charred, suspended throughout. They weren’t for buildings or construction, just aesthetics. In the square, located on the left side, were three large and curious objects that, though all different, were connected.

“The first was a large brass ball, like the old watchtower or church bells, that was purposefully placed on its side by the ‘artist;’ it was like 1.5x-2x as big as a normal bell. I had the impression that it functioned like a clock.

“I walked passed that to the next one, located more in the back-left corner. It was a huge plumber’s wrench (made of metal), 3x-4x taller than me. It seemed to be taking, like a clock, and with every slow, accentuated tick it would move a notch; that much closer to closing.

“And the third thing was closer to the middle, in the back on the left, and I don’t quite remember what it was. I recall a large, brass sun.

“Then I turned to the right (North) and saw a workshop and living space, and [an] old teacher [of mine] bustling about. She was surprised to see me, but smiled, and brought me over. Her and her family were getting ready for dinner, and she still had some things to take care of.

“The space was interesting. It reminded me of an old theatre where the performers lived and prepped (think Phantom of the Opera the movie) but outdoors and simpler.

“I watched [my teacher’s] daughters and their families getting things ready. She went up and down a cool looking life/elevator a few times. I just waited in the kitchen. I wasn’t really hungry, or at least, I never thought about it.

“Eventually I made my way over to a small wooden table where I enjoyed the company of a young woman I recognized but didn’t know. On of my new Facebook friends, either Pam or Elizabeth. I don’t recall speaking, but this woman was working on something. There were things on the table but I don’t remember what.

“I looked over my right shoulder and saw my teacher and her family already sitting down and eating. It didn’t bother me, though, so I turned back.”

  • As always, I change the names of any characters that coincide with someone from my real life.
  • The three large objects have always fascinated me, leading me to believe they represent something much grander than I can comprehend. However, they all bore a quality like a clock.
  • I honestly don’t have much else to say about this one. Virtually none of it makes sense in any sort of prophetic or profound way. But, I feel it carries more weight than I know how to give it.

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