Words Written in Cobblestone

  • Almost every aspect of this dream lies outside of my familiar, daily experience.

 “I was outside recording my journal on the cobblestone pavement in permanent marker. It was a two-line entry, and I don’t remember what it was. The ending was akin to, “But first there is tonight!” I was really excited.

 “Walking up to the house, I could see people inside dressed very elegantly and dancing quite well in a circle. The men were in tux outfits. Noticing this, I looked down and straightened my jacket and saw my colored shirt with no tie or bowtie. I was proud of my outfit and felt no reserve at all that I was under-dressed. And I was in a freaking suit coat! (The colors were gray and black.)

 “I had heard about this party from some friends and thought I’d crash it. I arrived solo, as I do. When I walked in the house, the front entry and room was huge and lush, made of very fine dark wood and thematically placed with simple, matching furniture. It reminded me of a wealthy fraternity home. There was a giant wall on my right when I entered that held a stone fireplace and a huge stencil next to it with a high-tech board that seemed out of place for the room. There were enormous stairs in front of me, and the ballroom was to my left.

 “When I walked in, there was a lone woman off to my left, leaning against a high countertop, looking outwards into the room. I saw her through my peripherals but didn’t engage her, though she was looking hard at me. I walked in and turned right, looking for something to drink. I found a tiny alcove beside the door, filled with odds and ends (but matching the decor of the house) but nothing to drink.

 “I turned back around to try looking elsewhere, and the woman was right up in my face asking me to dance. That was literally all she said. I noticed she was very beautiful: elegant face, brown/brunette hair done up in a bun, pale skin, wearing a lovely muted pink dress which was made of very fine material, though I don’t know what. But what made me immediately say yes was the light in her eyes and smile, her confidence, and the sound of her voice, which was so striking and so full of life. She also looked and sounded a little European.

 “I took her hands, and we basically ran into the ballroom. The circle was moving to a beat/song I don’t think I heard; everyone dancing the same way. We ran past multiple couples down the right side to find a spot to slide in, eventually making it in on the far side.

 “I’m not a good dancer, but that didn’t stop me. We had a blast! I stepped on her feet a couple of times…spun her around, somehow. She had a look of absolute joy on her face, as well as, ‘What are you doing!?’ But she followed my lead, and I followed hers.

 “We only made it about a quarter way around the circle before I heard a voice say something like, ‘Oh her poor feet! And what were those spins?’ The voice was genuine, as well as full of pomp and significantly exacerbated at us. The whole line stopped dancing, and we looked at this broad young man get up off the floor where he had been putting on his dance shoes (before we stopped, while I heard him talking about her poor feet, I saw an onlooker handling a pair of woman’s heels that looked spun from gold) and everyone looking at us. We stood there smiling, not ashamed at all. The young man said further, ‘They need to be disqualified.’ The fact that he was so ‘hurt’ by our dancing made me laugh inside. It really did bother him.

 “At that point, we (I) realized it was a dance competition. An old man (the Judge) with white hair walked into the middle of the circle, kind of mumbling, and said, ‘Oh, yeah…’ I politely responded to the group, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was a competition.’ My partner said something like she didn’t know either, and we left the room.

 “Upon exiting, the foyer outside was full of people, and one man dressed casually (sweater and jeans) with a duffle bag over his shoulder, had just finished giving a speech. I never heard a word, but the feel of it was melancholy. The speaker walked away from his post with a tired demeanor and downcast eyes. He was older than me, probably in his 40’s.

 “As he walked, I turned around and saw my dance partner behind me. She had her purse and a ripped piece of paper in her grasp. It had her number on it (I didn’t actually see numbers. I know it either held them, or she was going to write them) which she was going to give to me. Meeting up with someone wasn’t my intention, so I tried to divert by saying, ‘Ms. Megan, I have some friends here that invited me that have no idea this is a dance competition (I’d seen Aubrey in the crowd), and I would like to tell them.” She said something like, ‘Oh,’ but she said something else I don’t recall. We started walking amongst the crowd together, side by side, and I noticed her eyes for the first time. They were a stunning green. The most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.

 “So she walked with me through this crowd that had recovered from the ‘speech.’ I never found my friends, but this girl and I laughed more, and she almost ran into some people while not paying attention.

 “Then, I woke up.”

  • I made some notes after having this dream:
    • “I recall one previous dream in this house (the ornate frat house). I don’t remember when I had it. Still, I recall the driveway outside as long and narrow. It was also very windy and made of brick or cobblestone. I feel the emotion of that dream was at odds with this one. This time I was very positive, happy, joyous, assertive, and overall just there for a good time. I don’t know why, but I feel my previous dream here was quite different: me being terrified and very unsure.”
  • Regarding my comment about wearing an outfit that had a suit coat included, I never wear suit coats. I find them restrictive, warm, and uncomfortable.

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