The Other Girl

  • This was a dream I had many years ago, and I’ve seen most of it come true. There’s a tiny section of it that has yet to be revealed.

Written on January 31, 2012

“There are two girls, both very beautiful, that seem to run with the ‘popular crowd.’ (The only sense of ‘popular’ I felt was from those two and those others who followed them.) I want to say that one of them looked like Olivia Wilde but I don’t remember. (Normally after a dream like this I remember faces, but I don’t this time. I wonder why.) 

“We were in the forest and it was really green and lots of tall trees. Part of the ‘popular crowd’ were in lines dancing (as far as I remember) and I was walking somewhere. I had a destination in mind. These two girls were also walking somewhere.

“Here’s the interesting thing about these girls: The one, who I remember looking like Olivia Wilde, was the one in charge. And the other was like her slave of sorts. It was a feeling I got that this was so at first, because there was nothing to signify Olivia owned her. Later on, however, it was evident the condescending attitude Olivia had toward this other girl.

“I was instantly attracted to the Other Girl. Yes, Olivia was beautiful, but this other girl was different on every level, it seemed. Again, there was no extra thought to this, it’s just how it was. Now, the Other Girl didn’t talk much, but she wasn’t afraid to talk, either. She immediately liked me, too, but at first we didn’t show our feelings really overtly.

“And another thing, the Other Girl didn’t get in trouble for showing her emotions, or speaking, or exercising a small level of independence, for that matter. It seemed that Olivia actually encouraged it. (I think this refers to someone who things they’re bound to something or someone when really they’re not. Almost like Olivia had tricked the Other Girl’s mind to make her feel obligated, or it wasn’t an option for her to leave but could still ‘be her own person.’)

“So, we started in the forest, and then we changed to a movie theater. There was no movie playing, and I think we were waiting [for one to start]. I ended up sitting with the Other Girl next to me on my left; but at first I was trying to act like I didn’t know she was there. All the popular people were on my left: the Other Girl, a guy (I think), and then Olivia.

“On my right were three people: my mom, someone I didn’t see, and then someone I recognized as someone I know, but not very well. Someone from my past. It started off with me, then an empty seat, then my mom, and the unknown person. When I looked over, wondering why my mom was sitting so far away, and she said something like, “You’re sitting next to her.” It wasn’t angry or sad, just kind of there. Then the third person, the one I recognized, came late and sat at the end of the row which caused everyone to scoot toward me that was on my right.

“So, we’re sitting in the movie theater, and I ‘fell asleep,’ and it’s a pretty deep sleep. I’m leaning to the left and I eventually notice that the Other Girl is leaning against me and our heads are touching. Now she is awake, so she was allowing me to lean against her, and cuddling with me; kind of. (I remember that even while really asleep I could feel her head against mine. I mean like really feel it. Honestly, it kind of hurt, but I attribute that to the fact that I ‘was asleep’ and had most of my weight on her.)

“When I ‘woke up’ I noticed that I was leaning against her, so I adjusted myself and apologized, but she smiled. She didn’t say anything. Olivia, one seat seat, noticed the exchange and approved. She said something, which I don’t remember, but as Olivia was speaking the Other Girl put her hand in mine and grabbed it tightly. I remember at that point feeling really good.

“After that I recall that these girls were leaving and I went with them to be with her. There wasn’t a thought process with that; again, it was just what needed to happen. Upon leaving we were back in the forest walking down a well-used trail. 

“This was the moment I noticed Olivia being condescending to the Other Girl. But she wasn’t exactly rude; I never got that impression. Olivia talked to the Other Girl like she was a little child. (Oh, these two girls are around my age: 24-29.) And I remember that their relationship didn’t bother me so much. I don’t remember ever getting a sexual vibe between them…Even now I can’t define for sure the exact nature of their relationship.

“As we were walking through the forest we were all talking, but I don’t recall any specific words or phrases except for one which I’ll mention later. This was when the Other Girl said the most, but again, I don’t really remember what. What I do remember is that as we were walking she suddenly grabbed my shirt at the waist with both hands. When I looked over at her she was smiling and genuinely happy. The smile wasn’t devious or ‘evil’ at all. She just wanted to touch me, be next to me, and be with me.

“When this happened, Olivia said something along the lines of, “You really like him, huh?” The Other Girl just smiled and grabbed tighter. The end of this part was me reaching around to hold the Other Girl’s hands. When I touched them the scene changed.

“We’re still walking through the forest and I got the impression that we were going to their home, where the popular people live. But the problem was that it seemed we were going deeper into the forest. I was starting to get suspicious of Olivia. And then, somehow I fell behind and some guy came up behind me to catch me by surprise. So I turned around and grabbed him by the throat, and as I did so he started turning into a werewolf. So I crushed his windpipe as he was changing and killed him, and then tossed his body into the forest.

“Then I caught up to Olivia and noticed the Other Girl was gone. (I also had the impression that some time had passed.) Olivia said that the Other Girl had gone back looking for me. So I turned around and saw her walking toward me. She was dressed different; I don’t remember what she was wearing before, but now she had on a cape or hoodie, with the hood pulled up over her head. She looked sad.

“Then she looked up and saw me, and turned around and ran off. I ran after her. I remember very distinctly that she disappeared ahead of me to the left. I ran to that point, turned left, and came face to face with a very thick piece of hedge. Almost like the forest had suddenly swallowed her up and she didn’t exist.

“At this point I was starting to really wake up because of my alarm, and my last memory of this dream was looking at a tiny opening in the bushes that she probably went through, and to where I was going to follow.

“Then I woke up.”

  • This dream is hard for me to share because of how personal it is. It’s hard to know how much to take as a reflection of what I’ve seen in real life, and how much else is purely the dream’s material. 
  • The funny thing about dreams that I’ve learned over the years, is that the main focuses, or attention pullers, are seldom the biggest influencers of the interpretation. As I go back and read this from time to time, I find seemingly unimportant words or phrases carrying more weight than the rest.
    • Adjectives, throw-aways, the nature of a location, etc.

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