Unknown Assailant

  • This experience was my first real encounter with both divine and evil influences, and it is hard to describe. As opposed to most of my dreams and attacks taking place while asleep, this was one of the few to happen while I was absolutely awake. I’ll share it as I penned it down, but any names will be changed.
  • For context, I was camping with some of my extended family in the Uinta Mountains east of Salt Lake City, UT. I was around 17-18 years old, and I’d brought my tent to camp out the whole time. Everyone else had their campers and trailers, and I was extremely excited to have the tent all to myself.

Written July 10, 2005

 “The first night, though, was pretty intense. I was sleeping in the tent by myself because all the trailers were full. However, Skyler got sick, so her and Alice went home, so Bill had an extra bed in his trailer. 

 “Anyway, that night, Friday night, after everyone was going to bed, I went to my tent, which was a good distance away, and got myself ready for bed. Then I tried reading my book with the flashlight, but that didn’t work very well, so I got my CD player out and listened to the cd Taunya gave me. When it ended, I went outside to use a tree, and then came back inside to the tent.

 “Now the tent was a two-man, with a blue rain flap that went over the whole thing. So, even with a flashlight, I couldn’t see out, and nothing could see in.

 “Twice before I started the cd, I distinctly had the thought, almost like a billboard, that I should pray. I ignored it then, but after I used the tree and was just about to go to bed, the thought came again. So I reluctantly, literally, gave in and got on my knees to pray.

 “As soon as I did, I heard something. Almost like someone was taking a stick and scratching it back and forth on my tent. As soon as this happened, I went completely still and just listened. I distinctly heard very light footsteps, like someone was sneaking around. I thought one of the guys in the camp was trying to scare me, so I was going to scare them back. I waited a moment and then yelled pretty loud. But absolutely nothing happened!

 “No running, giggling, breathing, no nothing. I was extremely confused. Then Cody came out and wanted to know if everything was all right. He was reading and heard me scream. I told him what had just happened, and he looked around and didn’t see anything. So I said I was fine and tried to go to sleep.

 “Five minutes later, after Cody Left, the scratching came back in the exact same place!

 “By now, I was getting freaked out and had my knife out. So then I hit the side of the tent [with my empty hand] to scare away whatever it was, and again I heard absolutely nothing. So I waited another while and finally went outside to have a look around. There was absolutely nothing there. I was going crazy but was still thinking properly. I got back in, and by now listening to every single sound.

 “Then, I heard a real soft, guttural, throaty sound (it’s hard to explain). Then I heard exactly three “sniffs.” Finally, I decided I wasn’t going to get any sleep that night, so I got my knife and sleeping bag, and I went to Bill’s trailer.

 “I still have no idea what it was, but for me to deliberately think to pray before-hand makes me think it wasn’t just an animal.

 “The rest of the trip went fine. It was so much fun.”

  • I still think about this experience to this day. I also don’t have any more answers. I wasn’t that spiritually active as a seventeen-year-old, so the impression I had to pray was extremely odd, and caught me off-guard. It was, to my recollection, the first time God has initiated the call first. 
  • I also failed to write that when I heard the footsteps, they were from a two-legged creature. I’ve lived with cats and dogs my whole life, so recognizing the difference between a two and four-legged creature wasn’t something I had to wonder. (When your animals go walking around and moving in the middle of the night, sometimes it’s weird listening to their four legs.)
  • So combining a two-legged something with scratching that sounded like it came from a stick, and sniffs that appeared to come from an animal, create an astounding and curious combination.
  • Weird things. Weird things, with no answers. The next morning I shared all this with my family, and they teased me about bigfoot and all sorts of other things. It was a good time. I also spent time walking around my tent in a pretty wide perimeter. Still, the ground was littered in pine needles, so any hope of identifying marks or footprints was impossible. Not to mention the river that was some twenty feet from where I sent my tent up, the sound quality was influenced by the roar of the river on a quiet night…So many elements that can misconstrue, influence, or adjust the memories and experience of that night. I’m glad I took the time to write down what I did because that helps me remember what I didn’t.

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