Prisons for Dragons

This is one of the first real interactive dreams I remember having. As it was one of the first, I don’t have an exact date for it, but I know it occurred sometime between February-December of 2012.

Here it is, exactly as I recorded it.

“A group of men/women are being chased through a worn-down building. They have weapons, but aren’t military personnel. The building itself looks like it hasn’t had occupants for many years, but groups of men and women are scattered throughout, as if guarding it.

“Getting to their (the first group mentioned) destination is like finding their way through a labyrinth, but one or two of them know the way. They are being chased, but discreetly. They come across a group of women; one of the women has something they need: a jewel, brooch, etc., that acts like a key to something. The woman they take it from has it in her hair.

“Then they proceed toward some kind of control room. Now if the building has been described as rundown, this room was lost. The only reason they found it is because some members of their party knew where it was. It’s a huge (I mean, ginormous) room. They manage to lose their pursuers (still don’t know who), so they had time to do what was needed

“After one party member tinkers with the computers, we become aware of ______ number of capsules of interesting shapes and sizes. (In the dream I just knew that there were dragons inside.) The process up to this point had taken some time, so just as they released the capsules, the computers alerted them to their intruders. 

“So they had the computer turn on automatic infrared/night vision so they could see in the dark and they turned off the lights. After a brief fire fight the intruders yielded, and our party came to discover them as friends. (As a side note, shots were fired before words.)”

As it was one of my first, there are many elements I failed to record. However, in an odd twist, I still happen to remember this dream fairly well after all these years. Here are a few key pieces that never made it into the original.

  • I am one of the original party members, working my way through the compound.
  • The compound is located out in the middle of a dense, green, and thriving forest. From a bird’s eye view, it’s one level, but inside there are many basement levels.
  • Before finding the room with the dragons, the party reaches a level full of wooden boxes and storage (kind of similar to the room the Ark of the Covenant gets put in at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, only not as big or full). We discover an elevator hidden in one of the crates, and our genius technician gets it working, and we go down further.
  • The space holding the dragon prisons is a giant natural cave, with a small bowl just before the prison doors. The bowl appears humanmade with symbols and carvings in it. While in the room, we neither see nor hear any of the dragons.
  • The encounter with the second force who later turned out to be allies takes place in this cavern.

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