Hello to the weary traveler. My name is Bryce Hess and I am a budding author with so much to share. I love stories. I love characters. I love building up a person. I love the “Aha!” moments. I love being given the chance for involvement in life, whether just in my own or being invited into someone else’s.

My website is a combination of my advent into authoring and novel writing, my teaching exploits emphasizing in improv comedy and martial arts, along with personal blogs concerning who-knows-what and any other media I feel inclined to share. I wish to share life instead of a career with you. I hope to create a relationship. I hope to create a conversation. My first published work will be about teaching, currently entitled The Art of Teaching. My other manuscript is in its fifth draft after a year’s work; a post-apocalyptic religious fiction currently entitled Adrift. Stay tuned.

My goal isn’t to just build a business. In the end, I hope to enhance the lives of everyone involved. As food for thought, one of my major mantras in life is to have fun and make the other person look good. I am only one cog in this contraption. Will you join me?

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